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My kidney's are enlarged
I'm working really hard
to stay alive, despite the pain inside
my back is shot
my guts have gone to rot
from the age of 12, when I used to scream and yell
begging all adults around, for a cure,
but they refused to hear
denied I was even ill
I'm dying now because of my “inadequacies”
my inabilities to pay my doctor bills,
these damn quacks call me a hypochondriac
refuse to look inside, would rather deny
because of my poverty
and yet they still charge me,
for work they have not done,
diagnoses they refuse to render,
healing they do not have,
they are the ones that lack
yet they point the blame at me
for their pompous ignorance, self righteous inadequacies,
why do they expect us patience to bow,
if they want that title and treatment
then they better be worthy of it,
become Omnipotent,
until that day they can even wipe away the saying Dr. heal thyself
they are human, ignorant and therefore fallible,
just as the people they are taking money from
and remember the Hippocratic Oath?
I shall receive no gifts nor payments for my services rendered?
I do this in service to others?
And I work another job for my pay,
to keep myself alive and continue to strive to cure all that are in need of my services
This was the first thing to be thrown away/out the window
but this poem has gone astray,
I did not mean for it to go this way.


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